Fun With Food

Allowing our kids to play with food brings out their creative and, sometimes, dark sides. 

Thinking of You!

You are important to us and we are so grateful you let us into your life.

Who is Dedicated To YOU!

An introduction to who Dedicated To YOU! Nutrition Education is. We connect families who are striving to live happier, healthier lives and help make that journey as inspiring as possible.

Connect with us, if you like the idea of connecting families who want to live happier, healthier lives.

Oral Health and Dental Health

Research suggests that cardiovascular health, preterm and low birth-weight babies can be traced back to oral health. Changing lifestyles is one way to positively affect our overall health. Click this link to learn more: Oral Health Blog

It's Not that Hard


Brain Health

The brain is the most forgotten part of the body when it comes to choosing the kinds of foods we eat that support a healthy brain. The brain needs specific nutrients found in whole foods to keep it healthy and strong. Learn how following our '5 S's for a Strong Brain' can help your brain be healthier.

Which Plant Makes Your Food?

Our food decisions make us who we are. How we feed ourselves determines how our body performs. Good food=good performance. Take a look at how whole food can make a world of difference in your life. CLICK HERE.

Beautiful Skin Starts from Within

Our skin is an organ. Organs of the body are dependent on the nutrients we feed them for how they perform. The healthiest organs are built with the healthiest foods. To learn more about how produce powders in pills can benefit your skin, CLICK HERE.

Fuel the Flame

What we make either helps us be healthier or leads us to more illness and disease. Making healthy food choices is the number one thing we can do to create a healthier us. For some really good recipes and other healthy living ideas, CLICK HERE.


Foods that are created with artificial ingredients are less likely to be filled with the nutrition our bodies need to be the healthiest we can be. Eating more whole foods is one way to do that. Juice Plus+ is our safety net. Whole Food Nutrition in a Capsule.

Why Dyes Matter

A brief look into why using artificial dyes in our food may not be the best idea man has had. Try eliminating artificial dyes from your diet and know you are a healthier you! For other healthy living ideas, CLICK HERE.

Brain Health

The brain isn't just the most complex, most important organ in our bodies, its cells are being built and repaired every day, just like the other trillion cells in your body. That's why these 5 S's are so important to ensure creation and repair of brain cells is going PERFECTLY. For more on brain health, CLICK HERE.

The Power in an Orange

It's not really that Oranges are so healthy, or that you should have an orange every day. It's more, 'did-you-have-any-idea-an-orange-did-all-this' kind of thing. Eating fresh produce is very important to your health and overall wellness. Try eating more fresh produce and feel the difference. For more healthy living tips, CLICK HERE.

The Amazing You

Learning how to care for this body is easy: if you put it in your mouth it either helps you grow healthier or leads you down the road to disease--there is no middle road. To learn more about eating healthy, and fueling your body well, CLICK HERE.