Live Healthier

Omega, Fruit, Vegetable, Berry


Our #1 package in health and wellness. A solid program of plant-based omega and produce powders give you the most return on your investment in your health journey.

Juice Plus+ Complete Smoothie Mix

For meals on a go, the Complete is a wonderful choice. Best tasting whole food protein smoothie mix.

Want an easy breakfast, lunch, or snack? Juice Plus+ Complete smoothie mix is your answer. You'll find your healthiest plant-based protein shake here with a balance of protein, carbs and fiber. That's why it's called Complete.

Grow Green with Tower Gardens


Growing your own food has never been easier. Use 3% of the water and grow in 1/3 the time. Grow indoors or outside. Join the revolution to Eat Local! Bring the  Farmer's Market to your own back door!

Complete Bars


Looking for a healthy snack? A snack that doesn't spike your blood sugars? A snack that is raw and made with whole food? Check out these delicious snack bars!