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Personal Coaching

My own journey to finding a healthy lifestyle has helped me understand the many challenges others face. This enables me to bring a high level of empathy, respect, and understanding to the table to help you. As a certified health coach, I help our clients gain the skills and knowledge they need to navigate the wellness path they choose while understanding how important the roll of nutrition is in that journey.

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Healthy Living Revolution

Our customized plans and workshops help our clients through their journey to better health and wellness with a home fitness series, recipe cookbooks updated with each season, community events, YouTube videos, a FaceBook support page and LOTS of other resources.

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The Freedom Revolution

We have a great professional support program to help others incorporate a turn-key system to support their own clients with their health journeys as well. If you are a professional looking for help making an nutritional educational program available to your clients, we have a program for you.

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A Little About Us


I am a certified Health Coach (Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. Institute), a doula (DONA), and a work from home mom on a mission to help other moms find freedom from the call to work away from family and friends. Dixon is a retired school teacher helping inspire others in their journey to be a 'decision-maker' in their own futures.

Dixon and I met in 2001. After getting to know each other, we determined to make a life together. We now have 5 children (you should really check out the blog on my health journey from infertility), and are thoroughly enjoying the mission to 'Inspire Healthy Living Around the World.'


We didn't realize we were starting our own EPIC health journey in 2005, but we have discovered a lot of freedom through changing the things we could change and enjoying the benefits that came from making those changes. Chronic fatigue, out of balance, and irregular are no longer issues in our home! Becoming healthy is a journey, not a destination. And we want to help you discover YOUR joy, in YOUR journey. 


In 2005, a friend invited Denise to a health event where the pediatrician discussed a couple health issues our family was dealing with. He recommended steps to take that were counter-intuitive to typical medical advice. He suggested we focus first on nutrition and how we feed and take care of ourselves. Those recommendations changed our lives. We determined then that we would help other families discover the blessings and freedoms that have come to us from making health our focus and becoming proactive, instead of reactive, in our own health journey. Our hope is that others will have the same experience we have. And so far, 96% of the people we work with have found some health benefit in the changes we have recommended. (See other results here).


We currently have a college student, a high school student, a middle school student, an elementary school student and a pre-school student. So, we are rather busy parents. They support our efforts and enjoy the travels we are able to take them on, as we make efforts to help people all over the world, change their lives. For some perspective, since 2005, we have had 3 births and have only had 1 case of strep throat. As a matter of fact, we have only had antibiotics for illness in our home 1 time during those years!


In 2012, Dixon left teaching to pursue our business full-time. It is our goal to keep him home. Our biggest goal is to help others see that they can change their lives with #onesimplechange; not just their health, but their wealth as well. We invite all to link arms with us and inspire others to make simple changes that make a huge difference in health and wellness. This journey is so fulfilling and so rich in friendships. What other career encourages time together, while paying its teaching force while training them?!



If you have questions, you can always schedule a visit with one of us to discuss your health goals and how we might be able to help. Just click here.

We have tried really hard to build this site so that the questions people have can be answered through the blog entries, and the content found throughout the site in general. If you have a specific question, regarding your health and wellness journey, please feel free to contact us directly. We will gladly reach back out to you and have that discussion with you. It would be our pleasure!



Janet F

 "Denise is committed to a life full of health and happiness. If you are looking for an alternate method for healthy lifestyle choices, give Denise a shout. She was my doula for delivering my baby and now offers tips for health and wellness. I am taking Juice Plus to help with my energy and getting back to real life post baby." 

Amanda M.

"I have learned SO much in the last 4 years about food and our bodies... . If I had not seen the post from my dear friend Denise Romney, I would have probably just...continued to struggle with my issues forever."

Dan M

"We met through a business professionals group. After visiting, I was determined to do something new that I hoped would work. Boy! Did it work! I felt better about my own health, but the real story is what my son had to say, 'Dad,  this is the only thing that is helping me focus at school.' He is now a National Merit Scholar."

Janet P

It took me a long time to embrace the idea that I wasn't eating as well as I should and that using tools to help me get healthier was a good idea. I decided to start my journey to better health by following the Romney's example and now have children who rarely get sick, and if they do, are better VERY quickly. I almost never miss work for being sick, and I have been able to help dozens of my friends feel just as good!"

Terry L

"I really am LOVING getting back into the 'swing' of life!! Granted, I still need to improve the way I eat but having energy is such a blessing!!

Bobby S

"I have know the Romney's for a long time. I have always known them to be honest people. When they shared with me the benefits of adding fruits and vegetable concentrates to my daily routine, I knew I already wasn't eating enough on my own, so I decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I made this choice. My health has become my priority."

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